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October 12, 2005

New Orleans Worries About Resident Exodus

There sure seems to be a lot of determination to rebuild.This is an excerpt taken from Yahoo News. Click on title for the full article.

For decades, New Orleans had been losing population (142,000 from 1960 to 2000) and wealth (just over half its property value between 1950 and 1998), while it saw an increase in crime and the flight of jobs, money and whites to the suburbs.

Many now see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to remake a major American city.

Some civic leaders want to see New Orleans rebuilt so as to narrow the gap between the have and the have-nots, better integrate the city racially, and embrace the poor black residents who gave the city much of its identity, including its food, its music and its celebrated street life.

For example, Canizaro and others envision mixed-income housing, where poor would live in subsidized homes side-by-side with the middle-class. There is also widespread agreement on some of fundamentals needed to draw people back to New Orleans and help them prosper, such as overhauling the school system and creating job training programs.

"If you're talking about building a city, you've got to create a place for everybody. This city doesn't just belong to rich white folk, and it doesn't belong to poor black folk," said Barbara Major, who runs the St. Thomas Health Clinic, working with poor from across the city.

Suspicions run deep, however.

"I've heard conversations — some by good people, some by evil people — those who would leave the poor out," said former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, who nevertheless believes that "New Orleans goodness and decency" will win out.


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Eddie said...

The idea of mixed income housing defies free markets. The lefties have tried this in such places as Chicago. The result? Only low income individuals wish to live in them because middle income people don't want to live around loud, obnoxious low income people who don't watch over their children! I know that may sound like a blanket statement, but there is a lot of truth to it.

Nice article, SHG.


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