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December 19, 2005

If I Ruled America

I would like to introduce you to Rebecca Brown, editor and publisher of Rebecca Reads. I am sorry I have not done this before as it is such an interesting site. She has a lot more to offer than just book reviews. It is especially a pleasure to read her editorials. So try Rebecca's Reads for a good read.

If -- Rudyard Kipling wrote a powerful poem about that two letter word -- if I were ever to rule America this is what I'd make happen:

Politics: election campaigns would start only 6 months before Election Day.
All tv campaign ads on all channels would be free, once every half hour, to be rotated equally among candidates. Their ads would be about their platforms, not their opponents' anything. All ads would start only 3 months before Election Day.

Debates would really be debates. Candidates would be required to answer questions with the words “yes” & “no” & then explain in 30 words or less.
Questions would be 10 words (or less) from anyone attending the debates or from reporters. No two-part questions allowed.
Candidates' spouses would be required to keep their mouths shut.
Ditto for candidates' families, friends & partisans.

All absentee ballots would come with a SASE, for wherever they were mailed.
Voting from home should be explored & as secure as shopping from home.
Exit Polls would be abolished.
Ditto TV newscast projections.
All high school classes would watch all major news channels, at the same time, on Election Day, with times out for debating & studying the election process.
TV anchors would be fined for showing their biases.

All domestic charities like food banks, women's shelters, etc., would get free tv ads - made & aired by the channels - reminding folks to donate, especially from October through March.
All supermarkets would donate their “past pretty” produce & out-dated meats & dairy stuffs to their local food banks.
Realtors would encourage donations of homes to communities to house the homeless & for safe houses for domestic violence prevention programs.
Charities that run retail outlets would price their second-hand goods at reasonable prices - none should charge more than half a dollar for a used jigsaw puzzle!

I'd make every person in jail earn their keep with a living wage.
If they want to eat they work for it, just like every working stiff on the outside.
If they damage the buildings, they pay for repairs.
Ditto for entertainment, they pay for it.
If they want a better life, they study & learn a trade so when they do get out they can be gainfully employed. Ditto!
If they get ill, they pay for the medicines & care. They can earn income by being testers for new drugs.
Then our taxes would only pay for their guards.
& no, prisoners don't get flu shots before outsiders.

So much of how we live our lives evolves from the practice of our belief systems.
There's much from every faith that is interesting & worthy. None has a monopoly on righteousness nor oppression.
A comparative study course in high school should be an elective.

For our national education system, we will return to the 3 Rs, which is a misnomer anyway, only one starts with an r.
Reading -- Writing -- Arithmetic = every single student graduates knowing how to understand what they read, how to hand write & type, & how to figure the basic maths they'll use as an adult.
Those students who have an appetite for reading, go on into the heady realms of literature.
Those with a bent for writing, add that to their career possibilities.
Those who are blessed with a feel for numbers, continue into the more esoteric mathematics.

Music & The Arts:
There are about as many students who enjoy playing & performing music, acting, painting, sculpting & potting as there are those who love sports. Ergo, there should be as much emphasis & money assigned to this aspect of our education. Each class would start & end with 5 minutes of singing

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At 10:38 AM, Blogger Christina said...

Grandma, I truly enjoyed that article! What a great world this would be if people took responsibilty for their own future and did not plan on having the government hand it to them. Love you! Happy Holidays and talk soon!


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Three Score and Ten or more said...

Your second page gave me some things to ask questions about but generally how do I get into your electoral committee? Super Hip Grandma for President!!!!


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