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March 08, 2006

Why Didn’t the Children Say Something Sooner?

By J. Michael Sharman
Posted: 03/05/2006
Excerpted article taken from Christian Worldview Network. Please click on title for rest of article.

Melvin Alexander Moore was doing his clothes at a Laundromat when a fifteen year-old girl came in, saw him, and became so upset that she left the building crying.

The girl testified later that the last time she had seen Melvin Alexander Moore was when she was six years old and he had molested her.

Moore’s defense was a pretty simple one – the girl wasn’t telling the truth. If he had really molested her, why had it taken nine years for her to press charges against him?

The testimony at his trial was that Moore had been the mother’s boyfriend back when the girl was six, and that the girl had, in fact, told her babysitter and her mother that Moore had molested her.

At the time, the mother didn’t report it or take her to a doctor. The child’s therapist testified that, “Often adults who are charged with caretaking of young children feel so much shame and guilt and denial that a child has been violated while in their care that it is very difficult for them to accept.” When a child confides in an adult that someone has molested them, 24% of the adults don’t pass on the information to anyone else.[1]

The jury heard the girl, heard the therapist, listened to Moore, and then convicted him of rape.[2]


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